New System

Download Needed Scripts

Enable Umlaut Typing

Download and unpack folder

$ wget
$ unzip

Enable Umlaut Typing

Enable Umlaut Typing

This information is taken from the article Linux and Umlaut Typing by Gavin Burris, posted Feb. 2009.

Here is how to type German umlauts, those accent dots above the vowels, in Linux. I did this with a US keyboard on Fedora 10, but it may also work on Redhat or CentOS.

for the Gnome Desktop:

  • go to System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Keyboard on the Gnome menu
  • select the Layouts tab
  • click the Layout Options… button
  • expand Compose key position
  • check the box Right Ctrl is Compose or Right Win-key is Compose

for the K Desktop:

  • go to Control Center on the KDE menu
  • select Regional & Accessibility
  • check Keyboard Layouts
  • choose model Generic 104-key PC
  • choose layout U.S. English
  • choose variant basic
  • go to the Switching Options tab
  • choose switching policy global
  • go to the Xkb Options tab
  • check Enable xkb options
  • check Compose Key Position
  • set Right Ctrl or Right Win-key as your Compose Key

The Right Ctrl or the Right Win key are now a “compose key”. With it you can compose symbols by combining two characters. The double-quote then the letter “a” equals an umlaut-a (ä). Tap the compose key, then tap shift+quote for a double-quote, then tap the a-key.

  • ä is compose, then “, then a
  • ö is compose, then “, then o
  • ü is compose, then “, then u
  • ß is compose, then s, then s
  • å is compose, then o, then a

There are plenty of symbols and accent marks for other languages as well, like grave/acute ticks (à á), circumflex (â), and many other symbols (æ þ µ ® € ¥ ₨ ½ ² ± ° ¿¡). So international!

Installing Base-System

Programms that are going to be installed:

  • aria2 - Download manager
  • keepassx - Password manager
  • texmaker - TEX text-editor
  • calibre - Bookcollection manager
  • chromium - Webbrowser
  • MozillaFirefox - Webbrowser
  • libreoffice - Microsoft Office clone
  • git - Version control
  • discount - Markdown text to HTML converter

  • picins.sty - TEX-library needed by my mail templates

$ ./

Compile NeoVIM with YouCompleteMe

Be sure to change $LLVM and $LLVM2 to the latest clang+llvm version in the beginning of the script (

$ ./

I tend to also use this script to update NeoVim and YouCompleteMe.

Change to ZSH

This part is inspired and influenced by the article Badassify your terminal and shell by Jilles Soeters, posted November 2014

$ chsh -s `which zsh`


$ curl -L | sh


$ cd ~/.oh-my-zsh && git clone git://
$ source ~/.oh-my-zsh/zsh-syntax-highlighting/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh